Herbal Tea in India | Natural Cure for Type 2 Diabetes

  • DiaTea - 100% Herbal Tea for Diabetes in India!

    If you are in search of a natural way to control diabetes effectively, you have ended up in the right page. DiaTea helps in both normalizing as well as regulating the blood sugar level in the body. Its major ingredient Cassia auriculata (Avaram) helps in reducing blood sugar levels. Cassia auriculata was traditionally used by diabetics in China and India. It is now time to make use of this ancient medicine as a natural cure for diabetes.

    Ingredients of DiaTea

    DiaTea, the 100% herbal product has Cassia auriculata flowers as its main ingredient. Consuming this organic herbal tea for 30 days will help you in controlling diabetes effectively and refresh you. Patients with acute diabetes have benefited from this completely natural product.

  • DiaTea as a Natural Cure for Diabetes in India

    The effect of Cassia auriculata flowers on blood Sugar Levels, Serum and Tissue Lipids at doses of 0.15, 0.30 and 0.45 g/kg respectively for 30 days, is that it suppressed the elevated blood glucose and lipid levels up to 30% (Experiment results). Glibenclamide is used in the treatment of type-2 diabetes. Even though it is one among the two oral anti-diabetic drugs for diabetic cure, it has other side effects such as leading to acute hemolysis and cholestasis, which is the most serious one.

    DiaTea regulates insulin secretion and proper functioning of the pancreas, thereby reducing dependency on medicines.

  • Benefits of DiaTea

    • Prevents Type-2 Diabetes
    • Regulates Blood Sugar Levels
    • Boosts Insulin Activity
    • Improves Liver Function
    • Refreshes Body & Mind
  • Disclaimer: The information contained herein is not presented as medical advice nor should it be used as a substitute for consultation with a qualified health care practitioner. The results may vary from person to person, depending on age, sex, body weight and a lot of other factors.


    What are the medicinal values of Cassia auriculata (Avaram)?

    Cassia auriculata (Avaram) has anti-bacterial, anti-diabetic and laxative properties and can be useful in

    • Controlling blood sugar levels
    • Treating urinary problems
    • Treating kidney disorders
    • Regulating menstrual cycle
    • Solving skin related problems
    • Treating conjunctive eyes
    • Reducing body heat and burning fat
    • Removing bad body odor and more.

    Can I still use DiaTea even if I don’t have diabetes?

    Yes, of course you can! DiaTea, the 100% natural herbal tea for diabetes not only reduces the blood sugar level but also increases your immune power. It has been found that Cassia auriculata the main ingredient of DiaTea increases the complexion in women. This means that it can be used by everyone who wishes for a healthy ailment free life. More importantly, it is more natural, refreshes and rejuvenates your body with zero side effects.

    How DiaTea controls blood sugar level?

    DiaTea is a 100% natural herbal tea for diabetes in India and has Cassia auriculata (Avaram) as its main ingredient. The anti-hyperglycemic and antioxidant properties of Cassia auriculata decreases blood sugar level in a greater extent. This magical ingredient also plays a vital role in strengthening the body’s immune system and eliminates various skin diseases.

    List some complications that arise out of diabetes?

    • Diabetic Neuropathy: Numbness, pain, tingling sensation, weakness in limbs, lack of sexual desire are some of the symptoms.
    • Diabetic Retinopathy: If diabetes left uncontrolled for years, eye lens becomes opaque, eye fluid pressure increases and also causes bleeding in eye screen.
    • Diabetic Nephropathy: Causes severe kidney failure.
    • Cardio-vascular disease
    • Foot damage
    • Alzheimer’s disease
    • Hearing impairment
    • Pregnancy complications

    Which factors can influence the risk of diabetes?

    Type 1 diabetes

    Family history plays a major role in increasing the chance of type 1 diabetes. If your mother, father, sister, or brother is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes then you are more likely to get it too. Diseases of pancreas reduce its ability to make insulin and lead to type 1 diabetes.

    Type 2 Diabetes

    Type 2 diabetes is common in adults and can occur in any time in your life. Obesity, impaired glucose tolerance, insulin resistance, low levels of good cholesterol, high blood pressure, sedentary lifestyle, polycystic ovary syndrome are some of the factors that contribute to the risk of type 2 diabetes.

    Whatever may be the factors, following a balanced diabetic diet, proper exercising and managing your blood pressure can delay or prevent diabetes.