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Brewing Tips To Prepare a Cup of Refreshing DiaTea

Natural Herbal Recipes For Diabetes

Learn how to make a cup of refreshing herbal drink in a simple 3 step procedure. This DiaTea can be served either hot or ice cold, plain or with Milk/Lemon, with or without Sugar/Honey, as per your choice.

Recipe 1

Herbal Plain Tea (Recommended- very energetic and refreshing)

Herbal Plain Tea

Your cup of Refreshing DiaTea is ready to serve. (Add sugar free cubes if necessary)

Recipe 2

Herbal Milk Tea

Herbal Milk Tea

Add 2-3 gms (half teaspoon) of DiaTea to the 150ml of milk.

Boil the mixture for approximately about 3-5 minutes.

Stir the mixture thoroughly and then filter it.

This is the most refreshing and rejuvenating drink

Recipe 3

Ordinary tea-Dia tea Cocktail

Ordinary tea-Dia tea Cocktail

Add 1 teaspoon of
DiaTea to 200 ml of ordinary tea mixture

Boil the mix for 2-3 minutes

Add sugar free cubes & lemon wedges and the cocktail is ready to serve



The alternative herbal Tea.

DiaTea can be taken as an alternative for the normal tea we drink. However, the recommended dosage of Dia Tea is 6-9 gms/ day for diabetic patients and 3-5 gms for non-diabetic people.

The refreshing DiaTea is not only for Diabetic patients, but also for normal people to prevent diabetes, build good immune system and to rejuvenate. DiaTea can be consumed just like the ordinary tea (ie) 2 to 3 cups a day. Begin your day with a cup of the natural health drink.

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