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Diabetes – Separating Myth from Truth

To this day no cure has been found for diabetes. Although there are certain certainties, and certain fallacies, much remains unknown about the condition. For years speculation and suggestions as to the route cause of diabetes have been proposed, and subsequently dispelled. Most of the information about likely causes of diabetes, as well as means by which to tackle and prevent it come from the large amount of information that has been gathered from prior sufferers.

That information, along with existing medical information, can allow for hypothesizes to be drawn by comparing the demographics of a diabetes sufferer with wider demographics.  From doing such research two facts stand out as being prominent about diabetes sufferers – they are more likely to be older than the average person and secondly, and potentially most importantly, they are more likely to suffer from obesity. Through looking at that information, it is then possible to make suggestions, such as losing weight could reduce your risks of getting diabetes’s, as well as other assumptions, such as someone in pre-diabetes may be more likely to have type-2 diabetes merely with age. Such information is vital in helping medical professionals give advice, but it is important that sufferers understand the data on which it is based.

Myths about Diabetes

Diabetes is Contagious – This is simply not true however was taken as fact by many cultures for many years. The reason why many people were misguided about this was because they noticed that family members were more likely to have it. However, this could be for other reasons altogether, such as the chance that it could be genetic. There is information which would suggest that family members are more likely to have it, but again, this is not based on medical research other than profiling the raw data.

Eating Too Much Sugar Causes Diabetes – It was once thought that eating too much sugar caused diabetes, however this is simply not true. The only link between eating too much sugar and diabetes, is that with an increase in sugar consumption a person is more likely to put on weight, which in turn makes them, statistically speaking, more likely to get diabetes. Despite this, the sugar itself does not increase any risks associated with it.

Stress Causes Diabetes – This is again not true, however again stems from something which is partially true. It is believed that, when under stress, a person is more likely to move between diabetes bands - such as to go from pre-diabetes to type-2 diabetes, or to go from type-2 diabetes to type-1 diabetes.

Truths about Diabetes

There is No Cure to Diabetes – To date there is no cure for diabetes. There is however means by which to prevent it and withhold most of the major issues it causes.

Signs of Diabetes – The following have been noted as being signs of diabetes by a large amount of people experiencing the same problems before being diagnosed: needing to use the toilet more, blurred vision, constipation, fatigue and needing to drink more.

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*Disclaimer: The results may vary from person to person, depending on age, sex, body weight and a lot of other factors.*