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Everyday Solutions to Fight Back Diabetes Fatigue

Everyday Solutions to Fight Back Diabetes Fatigue

Diabetes fatigue is the common symptoms of diabetes and you might feel tired from time to time. Many diabetic patients also describe themselves as feeling tired, lethargic or fatigued at times. Whenever there is an imbalance between one’s level of blood glucose and the amount or effectiveness of circulating insulin, tiredness comes into the play. Having a well-balanced diabetes diet regulates blood sugar levels and combats diabetes fatigue. Here I have compiled a list of strategies to avoid or prevent fatigue.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Most people have the habit of skipping their breakfast but eating foods with a low glycemic index at breakfast help prevent a spike in blood sugar all morning long and even after lunch. Also limit the size of meals to 300 calories and this will steady blood sugar levels and prevent your energy from plunging.

Go Easy on Foods High in Fat and Carbohydrate

Researchers state that taking in more than 10% saturated fat in a diet can lead to adrenaline problems. Cutting down the intake of fatty foods improves the functioning of adrenal glands and boosts metabolism.

In the same way, consuming foods high in refined carbohydrate also increases blood sugar level rapidly and you will end up feeling weak and tired.

High Fiber foods

Add foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates, such as whole-grain cereals, whole-wheat bread, and vegetables to your daily diet. This plays a major role in stabilizing blood sugar level to a constraint.

In addition to having a healthy diet, one should drink plenty of water and can also opt for an herbal tea to improve blood sugar levels. Being a change in your routing works like getting up early at the same time, slipping in 10 minutes of low-level exercise practicing yoga and more can reduce or avoid diabetes fatigue.

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